Client: Coromandel International Ltd, Ranipet
Order: July 2018
Status: Commissioned

Client Information

Coromandel International Limited (Coromandel), a Private Limited Company having its Registered Office at Coromandel House, Sardar Patel Road, Secunderabad – 500003, Telangana and has multi-locational Plant sites.

Coromandel is a leading manufacturer of Phosphatic Fertilizers and Crop Protection products. Coromandel is also having Fertiliser plants at Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh and Ennore, Tamilnadu and SSP plants at various locations across India. Apart from Fertiliser plants, Coromandel also have Crop Protection plants at various locations across India.

Project Information

Coromandel International Ltd (“Owner”) had a manufacturing complex in Ranipet, Tamilnadu. They had one 100 MTPD sulphuric acid plant in this complex. This 100 MTPD Sulphuric acid plant at Coromandel Ranipet was installed in 1992 by L&T Ltd and was continuously running till April 2014. It has been stopped since then and now Owner wants to get it re-started. Plant is double contact double absorption having DCS control system with power generation and steam cooled condenser. To re-start the sulphuric acid after a long shutdown, plant needed to be studied and inspected. Coromandel International Ltd had assigned this task to our company to carry plant assessment, inspection and cost estimates for equipment to be added/replaced for re-startup. Subsequently during project execution complete basic & detail engineering work was also done by our company.

Work Done by Our Company

Complete Basic & Detailed Engineering consisting of

Developing New Fabrication drawings/Specification for:

  • Drying Tower
  • Intermediate Absorption Tower
  • Final Absorption Tower
  • Stack
  • Acid Circulation Pump Tank
  • Alkali Circulation Pump
  • Caustic Pump
  • Cooling tower
  • Cooling Tower Pumps
  • Plate Heat exchangers
  • Economizer-2
  • PRDS
  • HP and LP Dosing System
  • Sulphur piping jacketed
  • Acid piping CI and SS
  • HP and LP Steam Piping
  • IBR and Non-IBR Piping
  • Cooling Water Piping
  • Utility piping # Burner system
  • Condensate tank 1&2
  • Ducting with expansion bellows and valves

Fabricated Items:

  • Preparation of engineering specification sheets and engineering drawings
  • Review of vendor data prepared by the selected vendors and incorporate the vendor data in the appropriate drawings
  • Preparation of engineering specification sheets suitable for procurement Design & drawings for Brick lining of Drying Tower, Interpass Tower, Final Absorption Tower, Acid Pump Tank, Converter.
  • Fabrication drawings - Melter Coils & Melter Covers
  • Specifications for fabrication, painting and insulation.
  • Preparation of civil foundations drawings for new equipment’s being installed.
  • Drawings for Convertor, Sulphur Spray Burner & other modifications
  • Preparation of general arrangement drawings, isometrics, Testing Procedure
  • Material take-off, valves schedules
  • Piping support drawings as required

Project Management Services:

  • Preparation of project schedule, bar chart
  • Identification of critical activities
  • Progress monitoring and reporting on monthly basis.
  • Participation in HAZOP study along with Coromandel. For this all travel, accommodation and local conveyance is in coromandel scope

Project Gallery

Image of Sulphur melting area
Image of Sulphur melting area
Image of site overview
Image of site overview
Team SSSPL organized a training camp for the clients
Team SSSPL organized a training camp for the clients
3D model of the entire SA plant
3D model of the entire SA plant