Shiv Sulphuric Solutions (OPC) Pvt Ltd is a company founded in Dec 2016 by Shiv Shukla, after more than 30 years of working in chemicals, solar, energy & water industries EPC business, last 20 of which have been in top management in CXO roles. Registered office of company is in Mumbai.

Shiv Sulphuric Solutions (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. provides consulting and engineering services for management, quality & engineering problems. Our team has an experience of 100 man-years collectively in design, engineering, EPC project execution of process plants, mostly sulphur based chemical plants.

Shiv Shukla was CEO of MECS India Office, Mumbai. MECS Inc., a company based in US with offices worldwide was formerly part of Monsanto and specializing in sulfuric acid technology, plants & equipment. Indian company was initially started as 50:50 joint venture between Monsanto Enviro-Chem Systems Inc., USA (MECS) and The Dharamsi Morarji Chemicals, India (DMCC) in 1996 and called Monsanto-DMCC. This company was doing EPC/LSTK projects to build sulphuric acid plant worldwide. MECS was part of Monsanto group and well renowned for sulphuric acid plant technology. Monsanto used to operate by providing license & technology through its world wide network of licensees. Many times its clients requested for MECS to take on LSTK projects directly. With a view to take LSTK projects, MECS had formed this joint venture company in India. Later on DMCC sold its shares to MECS and it became wholly owned subsidiary of MECS Inc., USA. Company had a team of about 50 people, mostly engineers & designers. Shiv Shukla started as a Marketing Director in 1998, having ben part of DMCC projects division which used to build sulphuric acid plants on turn-key basis.

During 1998 to 2004, Shiv Shukla did marketing for these projects viz.:

  • Held responsibility for marketing, sales, business development for projects & technology business.
  • Secured major projects for sulfuric acid plants, and turnkey projects for phosphoric acid concentrator and fume scrubbers.
  • Succeeded in diversifying company interests into phosphoric acid business/market.
  • Expanded project & technology sales to companies in following countries: Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Vietnam, Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Developed network of partners & agents in these countries.

Subsequently in 2004 he was appointed as CEO of the company and had a successful innings as CEO accomplishing things such as:

  • Spearheaded company restructuring and cost reduction programs to successfully return organization to full profitability.
  • Succeeded in doubling turnover while significantly improving bottom-line.
  • Implemented balance score card, performance management system including performance linked incentive scheme, and formal strategy planning and deployment processes.
  • Performed human resource competence assessments on continuous basis, and monitored company climate via employee engagement surveys and customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Instituted process mapping of all organizational processes, and quality management systems.
  • Expanded company’s business in following countries: Zambia, South Africa, DR Congo, Australia, Chile, Argentina, Colombia.

Engineers & designers of Indian subsidiary were deputed in US at MECS office to get trained and then work on various projects in US. Most of engineers & designers in this way have worked 2-3 years in MECS, US office.

 Some of major projects which were done by this company while they were working for Monsanto-DMCC (MECS) and other organizations are listed here.

  • Some of SAP projects detail engg. completed earlier:
    • 1,000 TPD Sulphuric Acid Regeneration Plant for Reliance Industries, Jamnagar
    • 3,400 TPD Smelter off-gas SAP, Hindalco, India (Detail Engg.)
    • 3,000 TPD SAP, Two Lion, China (Detail Engg.)
    • 600 tpd SAR, Red Lion, Motiva (Detail Engg.)
    • 1,400 TPD Smelter off-gas SAP, Hindalco, India (Detail Engg.)
    • 1,000 TPD Sulphur Burning Project in Zambia
  • Turnkey projects-SAP completed earlier:
    • 600 Roaster Gas based SA Plant for Mopani Copper, Zambia (LSTK 15.0 million US$)
    • 70 TPD SAP, Philippine (Engg. + Supplies, US 2.0 M)
    • Sulphur Melter, Paradeep Phosphates, India (US$ 271 K)
    • 100 TPD SAP, Saudi Arabia (T/K US$ 3.0 M)
    • Towers, Furnace & Stack replacement for CFL, India (Phase-I, Phase-II)
  • Turnkey projects – Non SA completed earlier:
    • 350 tpd Phosphoric Acid Concentrator, Paradeep Phosphates, India (US$ 2.3 M)
    • Phosphoric acid plant - fumes scrubber for CFL ( US$ 210 K)
    • 300 tpd SA plant, Coromandel Fertilisers, India (MDEEL Scope US$ 2.8 M)
    • 100 tpd SA plant, Congo, (US$ 3.12 M)

Team strength grew to 70 persons by 2007. During 2007, MECS sold its EPC business company in US & India to a Spanish company called Abengoa, spA which was specializing in the development of solar thermal power projects, engineering construction of renewable energy plants such as solar power plants, bio-ethanol plants, combined cycle power plants, cogeneration power plants. Abengoa acquired Indian subsidiary of MECS Inc. in 2007 and then Indian company stopped its sulphuric acid business. Its business shifted to areas in which Abengoa was active. For almost a decade India office was active in Solar Power, Combined Cycle Power Plants. During 2016 there was a financial crisis in Abengoa. Company management was taken over by lending institutions and top management was removed. During that year Abengoa decided to close down many of its offices outside of Spain. Accordingly erstwhile MECS (EPC business group) and India office were closed and all employees were removed. With closure of India office and almost 100 people losing their jobs, we decided to start a small company back in sulphuric acid business. That is how Shiv Sulphuric Solutions was formed in Dec 2016 by taking core team from earlier MECS days. We started commercial operations in FY 2017-18 and since then we have not looked back. By now we have completed many sulphuric acid projects. However, we do not take LSTK projects and we are limiting ourselves to providing basic & detail engineering, procurement & project management services.

Shiv Sulphuric Solutions and MECS (which is part of DuPoNt now) ARE IN DISCUSSIONS TO WORK TOGETHER FOR SOME PROJECTS IN South America. Wherein Shiv Sulphuric Solutions will provide basic & detail engineering and MECS will supply all proprietary equipment. This will be applicable for projects upto 1,000 TPD capacity. Above that capacity MECS will use their other licensees. So Shiv Sulphuric Solutions will be playing role, which Monsanto-DMCC India office was doing earlier.

We have finished several projects for clients like:

  • Atul Ltd., Valsad, Gujarat
  • Amal Ltd, Ankleshwar, Gujarat
  • Indorama India Pvt Ltd
  • Paradeep Phosphates Ltd. Odisha
  • IFFCO, Odisha
  • Coromandel International Ltd. ( Vizag, Ranipet, Kakinada, Udaipur, Ennore Units)
  • Jordan India Fertilizers Company LLC, Jordan
  • Philippine Batteries Inc., Philippines

View a detailed list of projects here and some of our featured projects here.