Papers Published / Presented Internationally by Shiv Shukla

“Business model amongst successful emerging technologies: Economics for power generation”, panel discussion at 3rd Renewable Energy India 2009 Expo, during 10th -12th August 2009, at New Delhi, India.

“Concentrated Solar Thermal Power for India”, presented at Second Annual Conference on Solar Power in India, during 24th-25th June 2009, at New Delhi, India.

 “Managing in turbulent times – Manufacturing & Engineering Industry”, presented at 16th National Convention of IMCI (The Institute of Management Consultants of India), during 30th-31st Jan 2009, at Mumbai, India.

Technical Papers On software for simulation/design of Sulphuric Acid plant and equipment

 “Update on Sulphuric Acid Outlook in India”, presented at Sulphur’2005 during 23rd – 26th October 2005 at Moscow, Russia.

“Sulphuric Acid Plants – Outlook in India”, presented at Sulphur’2004 during 24th -27th October 2004 at Barcelona, Spain.

“Coromandel Acid Plant Revamping Phase-II”, presented at Sulphur’2002 during 27th -30th October 2002 at Vienna, Austria.

“Increased energy recovery in a Sulphuric Acid plant by heat recovery system (HRS)” presented at IFA Technical Conference 2002 during 24th - 27th September 2002 at Chennai, India.

“Revamping at Coromandel Acid Plant” presented at “Sulphur’2001” during 14-17th October 2001 at Marrakech, Morocco.

“Lowest Emissions at Lowest Cost! A Complete Sulphuric Acid Plant Concept Using Gas Recycling” presented at “Sulphur’96” during 20-23rd October 1996 at Vancouver, Canada.

“A New Look Acid Plant - Sans Gas Heat Exchangers”, co-authored for presentation at “Sulphur’95” during 15-18th October 1995 at Abu Dhabi.

“Improved Product Mix design to Produce Liquid SO3” co-authored for presentation at “Sulphur’94” during October 1994 at Tampa, USA.

“An Integrated Process for manufacturing Chlorosulphonic Acid and Liquid SO3” presented at “ACHEMA’94” during 4-11th June 1994, at Frankfurt, Germany.

“A Comprehensive CAD System for Sulphur Chemicals Industry”, presented at “Sulphur’93” during 4-7th April 1993 at Hamburg, Germany.

“New Orientations for Indian Sulphuric Acid Industry”, published in British “Sulphur” journal July 1992 issue.